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Emergency Earrings (Aug 2012 con’t)


Last year, Deon and I went to Canal Walk for something – probably house related since it was a month or so after we moved in together.

I forgot to put in earrings before we left the house…this always feels odd to me, and I decided that I needed an Emergency Pair to keep in Deon’s car πŸ™‚

So I found a cheapie pair, that would go with almost anything, and bought them πŸ™‚

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Got the Time?

In 2012, I visited Canada and London. I was away for a month, which excited me for a while after I bought the tickets, but as Deon and I slowly (or quickly depending on your POV) because more serious, I started worrying about the time I would be away.

Fortunately (we planned it well! :-P), I was here for our 6 months celebration. 6 months is generally a watershed moment for relationships, and as Deon and I both said, we made it to 6 months, were in love, and agreed that although a month was a long time, it wouldn’t be that long… Incidentally, this trip sparked off the planning for our December holiday in London – Deon wanted to join me for the London part of my trip, but I said no. I only refused because I was going to be working for 5 of the 9 or 10 days I was there, and I did not want to spend my days thinking about all the lovely London things I could be doing with him. I wanted to share his discovery of my favourite city. So we planned the December trip.

Anyway, we both survived the time I was away (thank you Skype!) (and thanks to Finn and Colin for supporting me through the tough times!), and when I arrived back in Cape Town our reunion was not strained, and we’ve gone from strength to strength (just before I left, and while I was away, we had decided to, and discussed, finding a flat together when I got back)…

Marianne took me to Portobello Market while I was in London, and I bought myself this:

201305 - Portobello Market with Marianne

I dithered about it for a while, and finally bought it… Only to find it 2 pounds cheaper a couple of stalls later! Oh well! πŸ˜›

I love the detail of the cover:

201305 - Portobello Market with Marianne2

I also bought a pair of earrings, which you can see here: May 2012.

I don’t have an individual picture of it, but I found a compass for Deon:


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December 2012

The most earring-full month of the year! Here is a round up of what I got in December last year…

These two are from Ethiopia, when my Dad went there for work….

20121201 Dad - Ethiopia

20121201 Dad - Ethiopia2

This pair I bought at a market where Amanda was working…

20121209 Lifestyle Market

These two are from the Secret Santa at our annual Christmas Party! I LOVE the buttons…

20121216 - CHristmas Party2

20121216 - CHristmas Party

After my trip to Canada and London in April/May 2012, Deon and I started planning a trip to London for December. I don’t think there is much that is more magical than London, at Christmas time, with the person you love.

We had an amazing trip – mostly spent in London, staying with Marianne, we spent Christmas with my aunt, and then we headed out to Stratford (via Duxford!), Cheltenham and Bristol. We flew through Paris, and the shops were just opening when we landed, so I was able to buy these…

20121220 - Paris Airport

I love these ones, they remind me of coral, roots and tree branches, depending on my mood! I saw them at the South Bank Christmas Market (mulled wine EVERYWHERE – AMAZING), and Deon bought them for me for my birthday (in addition to my Kindle! Which I LOVE!)…

20121223 -  South Bank Chirstmas Market

More birthday treats from my aunt… These are deceptively heavy…

20121223 -Aunt

From my Dad, for my birthday, from Angola (but given to me before we left):

20121223 - Dad - Angola

20121223 - Dad - Angola 2

Next up…Christmas presents from my aunt!

20121225 - Aunt 2

20121225 - Aunt

20121225 - Aunt3

Sadly, the other half of this pair seems to have been lost in the travels 😦 I think I’ll either make it into a pendant, or a fridge magnet. Deon and I decided to buy fridge magnets from every major attraction that we visited – as a consequence our fridge is nicely populated with memories! I should do a post on those…

20121225 - Aunt4

The only pair I bought while in London – strange! I bought these at the Churchill War Rooms. I’d seen them on my previous trip (at the IWM London) but hadn’t bought them. Now I had my chance!

20121230 - IWM Cabinet War Rooms

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November 2012

These are from Amanda, who went on holiday (again πŸ˜› ) to Langebaan, and came back with these sandals for me! So cute!


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Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

I’ve never been given diamonds before.

That honour now goes to my wonderful boyfriend πŸ˜€

We celebrated our first anniversary in October, and this was my gift:

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September 2012

My Dad did some travelling in September (big surprise!), but came back from Mozambique with more than rocks and earrings. He came back with an infected elbow from a thorn. Luckily it’s been managed, but he spent a while in hospital on a drip, partly because he’s allergic to penicillin…

On a Kalk Bay breakfast mission, Amanda made the “mistake” of telling me Oh So Boho was having a sale…

And… of course I couldn’t resist the lure of amethyst!

Deon went to an airshow in Joburg for a weekend, and came back with these for me:

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August 2012

Last month, Deon and I were playing pool on Long Street. Since he’s been working so much lately, we’ve dedicated one night per week as ‘date night’ (none of which have turned out like the movie thank goodness!), and we also decided we want to play pool more often (so far, we’ve each won a round of best of three games).

After pool, we decided that we wanted to get burgers from Royale, so we started walking up Long Street. I got distracted by a display of earrings (naturally), and then fixated on these, because of their length! Deon promptly bought them for me πŸ™‚

I wore them the other day, and I have to be careful when putting my bag on my shoulder, or taking a jersey off! Most definitely my longest pair!

Deon and I did some shopping at Canal Walk (spending our housewarming voucher!), and I forgot to put earrings in before we left…so…I just bought a pair…or two (but I don’t have a picture of the second pair – I decided they are my emergency car earrings, so they are in Deon’s car’s glove compartment!). I love owl earrings!

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