Guest Post: Hellopalz Bracelets

Today I have something unusual for you… A guest post by someone I’ve never met before!

Priya started following my blog a little while ago, so, naturally, I checked out her blog, and, because it interested me, started following her. She blogs about a lot of crafts/hobbies, but what caught my eye was her jewellery making!

A couple of weeks ago, she suggested we exchange guest posts, so this is her guest post on Ophelia’s Ear. She asked what type of jewellery she should feature…and I suggest bracelets as a change of pace ūüôā I particularly like the pink pearl bracelet below.

You can find out more about Priya and her activities on her own WordPress site:

Red Crystal Charm Bracelet

Made with crystals, charm spacer beads with wire and sealed with crimp beads, a simple light weight casual piece paired with matching earrings.

Pink Pearl Chain Bracelet

Here I used a link silver chain and attached droplets of pink pearl beads, I somehow like to wear this as a necklace as well. The gorgeous green jewellery box was a birthday gift by my friend. A perfect place to store the accessories I make.

Blue Wire Wrap Bracelet

Wire wrapping is a technique used to secure the precious beads for a sturdy finish and longer life. Its a little tricky for beginners but I enjoyed trying it out anyway. I also used wire-wound bead as one of the droplets. It takes a while to wind the silver wire around the bead. The ink-blue bead and black tarnished charm complement each other.

Have fun!



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